Parents for All

Parents for All is an EU-funded project (KA2 Strategic Partnership for Innovation in Adult Education, 2017-2019) aiming to support parents to deal with diversity in multicultural Europe. Through its activities the project will:

  • Empower parents of the host societies and of migrant origin in dealing with ethnic and cultural diversity at schools
  • Create tailor-made training material for parents, helping them to develop intercultural skills and actively support school activities for social inclusion
  • Raise awareness through audio-visual material
  • Promote the notion that parental engagement for social inclusion is a collaborative, reciprocal and mutually rewarding process.

Read the full project summary here.

Online Self-Assessment

This site contains the online self-assessment for the Parents for All project. The rest of the toolkit is available to download from the project website at

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For parents from the Host Society

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For Migrant, Refugee, and Ethnic and Cultural Minority Parents